Netflix Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

Host online streaming parties with Netflix Watch Party

Enjoy watching your favorite Netflix shows with your friends and family living far away. Install the extension for free and create a Netflix Watch Party with as many people as you want. Stream Netflix videos in perfect sync with people and chat during the watch parties. Stream your favorite Netflix episodes in flawless real-time synchronization with friends and family using the Netflix Party Extension browser add-on. This makes sure that everyone can simultaneously enjoy the information. Moreover, HD streaming resolutions are provided for a better viewing experience, and a chat option allows you to express your opinions and responses as the video is being played.

How to use Netflix Watch Party?

Netflix Watch Party has been exclusively developed to provide the users with a seamless watch party experience. It helps them stream their favorite Netflix shows in sync with their loved ones in HD quality. In addition to that, it also comes with a chat features that enables the users to chat with your friends while enjoying the show. Users must have a Netflix account and a secure browser to use the Netflix Party add-on. Also, the extension is available through the Chrome Web Store to everyone. After installing the extension, users can organize a watch party for up to 100 people by clicking "NP" in the toolbar of their browser while watching a movie.

Install the extension on your device by clicking here. Please ensure that you are using a Chromebook, macOS or Windows device. Moreover, you should also have a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.

Once installed, pin the Netflix Party extension to your toolbar. Visit the ‘Extensions’ section on the browser and look for the extension. Now, pin it to the toolbar.

It is necessary to have a Netflix subscription for all the members. To begin the Netflix party, sign in to your Netflix account.

Search for the video you would like to watch with your friends online and play it.

Create a Netflix Party link and share it with your friends to invite them. For this, you need to play the video you want to watch at the party and click on the NP button. Then, tap on the “Start the Party” button to create the URL. Copy and share the URL with friends.

Download the Netflix Watch Party extension and log in to your Netflix account. Visit the URL shared by your friend who is hosting the party. Follow further instructions to join the party.

Netflix Watch Party Features

You highly require the Netflix Watch Party extension in your system. Therefore, download the wing now and click on the invitation URL. When you click on the link, it will take you to your Netflix Account. Here, you need to log in to your subscribed Netflix account to prevent disturbance. Now you are at the watch party; you can connect with your friends even from a distance and enjoy the video in group watch with an incredible chat facility.

Get A Thrill With HD Streaming In Sync

Netflix Watch Party is all worthy due to its excellent quality function. Get the most fabulous user experience of streaming in sync worldwide. Enjoy the quality videos, and don’t let the fun stop while binge-watching. Experience the best HD streaming and quick buffering in sync with your pals for free. Moreover, play amazing Netflix shows at the watch party and enhance the experience with each passing minute.

Enhance Virtual Movie Fun With Fun Chat

Enjoy the real-time chat feature and share the viewing experience with existing participants, no matter where they are in the world. Apparently, have a chit-chat with all the co-watchers while enjoying the Netflix Watch Party. Enhance your experience by discussing the videos currently playing, and feel like they are sitting next to you.

Make Your Profile More Appealing

You can customize your profile by putting a fun avatar and more. Also, you can set any funny or thrilling name of your’s, which will be visible to all the members while streaming and group chat. Moreover, you can design your profile using endless options in the extensions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can host and join a watch party on Netflix. Also, it has impressive features that make your virtual gathering more entertaining and thrilling.

Netflix Party is an extension that you can install via Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers. With the help of this extension, you and your friends can watch Netflix together in sync, irrespective of your geographical location. Yes, you can use it for free.

The extension is compatible with all the macOS, Windows or Chromebook laptops or PCs. Therefore, before proceeding with the installation, please ensure that you are using any one of these devices.

You will need to fulfill the following requirements:-

Chromebook, Windows, or macOS Laptop and PC

Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser

A stable internet connection

Netflix Subscription

The extension enables you to add as many members as you want to join in your Netflix party. All you need to do is, create a Netflix party URL and share it with everyone you want to invite.

The extension can be accessed or used anywhere all across the world. But all the users must remember that all the participants should be in the same country. Thus, if any of your party members stay in another country, they should use VPN to change the country location.

The extension enables you to add as many members as you want to join in your Netflix party. All you need to do is, create a Netflix party URL and share it with everyone you want to invite.

Become the host of your next movie night in a few simple steps:-

Firstly, you will be required to sign in to your Netflix subscription account.

Then, go to the search option to search for the movie, TV show, or any video you would like to watch with your friends.

After this, play the video and tap on the “OP” button near the address bar.

Select- “Start the Party” to create the party URL. You should share this link with your friends to connect them to the watch party.

Note: you can keep the control to yourself by keeping the “Only I have Control” button ON.

You can join the party just by clicking on the link shared with your friends. Therefore, click on the party link and install the extension. After this, you need to install the extension on your device to join the party.

Yes, the extension comes with a chat feature. Hence, you can have a group chat or an individual chat with all the participants of the Netflix party.

All the members must have a Netflix subscription to create or join the Netflix party via the Netflix Watch Party extension.