Netflix Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

How to Use "Netflix Party" to Watch Movies With Friends

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Another weekend is here, and we must plan a movie night and spend quality time with our friends and close family members. It doesn't matter how far you are from your friends; the Netflix Party extension can minimize the distance. Yes, it is a universal truth that downloading and installing this online Netflix Party Chrome extension tool is completely worth it. Specifically, if you are tight on schedule and need more time for hanging out and giving time for movies. Rather than watching a movie alone, you can group up your friends and create your Netflix Watch Party. 

In which you can enjoy watching movies and shows with them. Plus, it has plenty of useful and enhancing features that you can use to make your Netflix Watch Party even more enjoyable. Furthermore, you only need to install the Netflix Party extension on your system via a compatible web browser. Now, let’s check out how it can be easily done by sticking to the information below.       

Remarkable Aspects of Netflix Party Extension 

Besides downloading and installing the Netflix Virtual party extension, you also have its accessible features. And using these features while watching movies and shows at watch parties will give an amazing experience more than ever. Therefore, 

Accessible Worldwide: This feature can help you declutter far away distances for streaming. As this extension is available worldwide and easy to install & access anytime, anywhere. 

Complete Control: Enable the “Only I Have Control” button to control the watch party effortlessly. It will help you to control video settings such as play, pause, rewind, forward, and resume. 

HD Streaming with Sync: There is no fun in watching movies and shows without HD picture quality. Therefore, via the Netflix Watch Party extension, it will let you enjoy streaming in HD resolution picture quality. And even consistent and hassle-free streaming due to playback video in real-time sync. In a nutshell, it will improve and enhance your streaming experience.

Live Chat: Another useful feature that the Netflix the Party Chrome Extension offers you is “Live Chat.” This feature will give you a “Group chat” option, in which you can send text messages and emojis and free yourself to be more expressive. 

Profile Customization: The best represents you at the Netflix Party is your Watch Party profile. And definitely, nobody would afford to appear bored with the same watch party. Therefore, here you have a “Profile Customization” feature to add the essence of uniqueness to your appearance. In which you can add attractive and unique avatars at your profile icon. Besides, you also have the option to add cool & cute nicknames to your username. 

Cost-Free: The best thing related to this extension is that it is a free-of-cost user-friendly extension. That broke all the barriers to using this entertainment-driven Netflix Party extension unlimited for streaming. It costs you nothing, even if you want to access its features.      

Netflix Party Extension For Creating Netflix Watch Party  


Let’s connect with the world of streaming and entertainment by installing the Netflix Party Chrome Extension. And see how your watch party Netflix spreads the magic of amplification and fulfillment everywhere. Now, without delaying anymore, let’s begin with the process:    

1. Install Extension

You have made a start by downloading the Netflix Party extension. You can do this by clicking here or using Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome web browsers. Moreover, you can use Chromebooks, Macs, and Windows devices to install and access this tech-supported extension.  

2. Pin Extension

Pinning the extension to the toolbar once you install it on your PC/laptop is required. From the usage perspective, click on the extension to pin it to your browser’s toolbar first. Resolve the extension icon not finding an issue by clicking the puzzle icon. Doing so will let you see the icon on the screen so that you can pin it from there. 

3. Log In 

It is necessary to log in in order to access your Netflix account by logging into it. Therefore, ensure to have an individual Netflix membership before hosting or joining a Netflix watch party. Thus, even if you want to join the watch party, you must have your own separate account.

4. Find, Choose, and Play

Logging into the account will take you to the Netflix streaming platform, where you need to search for the right streaming video. And once you search, start by selecting and playing the movie or show to stream together with everyone. Don’t forget to pause the video after playing it for a while. 

5. Create the Netflix Party URL 

The next thing you must do as a host creates the Netflix Party URL or link. And to do so, visit the web browser and open the Netflix Party extension on your system. Next, you will see a “CREATE A WATCH PARTY” option on your screen. It will also show you a “START WATCH PARTY'' button over the same window. It would help if you tapped on it to create the watch party invitation URL/link. 

6. Join In 

Creating the Netflix Watch Party link is only sufficient once or without sharing it with your friends. Therefore, straight-click the watch party invitation link the Netflix Watch Party’s host shared. And that’s how being a joiner, you can become a part of the Netflix Party and connect with your friends. Plus, take benefit of its amazing attributes while watching movies and shows.

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